Flashflight LED Light-Up Flying Disc

$ 21.00

Brand: Nite Ize

Flashflight LED Light-Up Flying Disc

The Nite Ize Flashflight LED light-up flying disc flies long and straight, just like a regular ultimate disc. People love their Flashflights SO much, they play where/whenever they can. 

Product Features

  • Constructed with very high-quality, hand-friendly, soft plastic that is durable and ready for lots of action.
  • Illuminated using a single LED and nine fiber-optic strands. The entire discs glows but isn't blinding, which is key when it's flying toward you!
  • Powered by replaceable and readily available batteries (included). One set of batteries provides 20-25 hours of light-up fun.
  • Features a low-profile on/off switch and battery compartment.
  • Floats and is water-resistant - but not water-PROOF. It's not a big deal if it gets wet. We just recommend that you dry out the battery compartment when you're done playing.
  • Engineered to fly long and straight.
  • 185 grams, 10.7-inch (27-cm) diameter.
  • Available in white with four LED options: red, green, blue, and Disc-o (a cool LED that slowly cycles through several colors).
  • Get 20% off when you purchase the Flashflight 24/7 Combo Pack, which includes one Ultimate Disc and one Flashflight LED Light-Up Flying disc.
  • Get 20% off when you purchase the Flashflight Game Set, which includes one Flashflight LED Light-Up Flying disc and two TaskLits, which are little headlamps, which players wear to see one another.
  • Unique, memorable birthday gift appreciated by all ages.
  • Makes a great serving platter.

Manufactured in Denver, CO, by Nite Ize, Inc.